VivoActive Player For Netscape

Filename: VIVOPLAY.EXE --- Size: 787K --- Version: 2.1

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME or Windows NT/XP
486DX/66 processor or better
8 MB RAM or more
16-bit sound card (recommended)
Netscape 2.0.1 or later (32-bit)

Download Site:

California, USA


Installation Overview:

1. Download VIVOPLAY.EXE to your PC (note the destination directory).
2. Run VIVOPLAY.EXE to install the VivoActive Player plug-in (NPVIV32.DLL).
3. Close and re-start Netscape for the new plug-in to take effect.

Detailed Installation Instructions:

You may find it helpful to print this page before getting started so you can refer to it during the rest of the VivoActive Player installation process.

1. Download VIVOPLAY.EXE by choosing any one of the "Click Here to Download" lines above. A "Save As..." window will appear on your screen. Carefully note the destination directory that VIVOPLAY.EXE will be saved into, then click "Save".

Note that VIVOPLAY.EXE is not the VivoActive Player -- it is a program that installs the VivoActive Player onto your PC. The VivoActive Player is actually a file called NPVIV32.DLL which gets installed by running VIVOPLAY.EXE.

2. After download is complete, run VIVOPLAY.EXE. (Click on "Start / Run ..." then "Browse" to VIVOPLAY.EXE)

If you are not sure where you downloaded VIVOPLAY.EXE to, you can find it by clicking on "Start / Find / Files or Folders..." and then entering VIVOPLAY.EXE. Make sure you search (C:) or any other drives it might be on, and make sure there is a checkmark in the box labeled "Include subfolders". Once you have found VIVOPLAY.EXE, double-click on it to run the VivoActive Player installer.

During VivoActive Player installation, a message will appear on your screen saying "Choose location of Netscape program (NETSCAPE.EXE)" and a default directory will be specified. But this might not be the right directory. The exact location for the NETSCAPE.EXE program file varies from one PC to another, so it is up to YOU to determine the proper location on your own PC. For example, on one PC the proper directory might be "C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program\" and on another PC it might be simply "C:\Netscape\Program\". Before performing the VivoActive Player installation, you may want to run the Windows 95 Explorer to determine which directory contains NETSCAPE.EXE. Once you know it, just type it into the VivoActive Player installation screen (or "Browse" to it) and then continue with the installation.

The VivoActive Player plug-in for 32-bit versions of Netscape is a file called NPVIV32.DLL. After installation it should be located in the "Plugins" directory under your Netscape program directory.

3. Close and re-start Netscape. Plug-ins (like the VivoActive Player) are only loaded by Netscape when it starts up.