VivoActive Player 2.1 for Internet Explorer (Netscape HERE)

System Requirements:
Internet Explorer version 3.02 or greater
Windows 95, 98, ME or Windows NT/XP
486DX/66 processor or better
8 MB RAM or more
16 bit sound card (recommended)

After installing be sure to select "Do not show this message in the future" to the pop up and click "Cancel".  

We put this page online because Vivo Software, Inc. (owned by Real Player) no longer wants to support it or allow anyone to download the player on their website. Please be aware we don't provide support for this software, but we will try to answer a question if it isn't listed below, and add it...

This page will automatically install the VivoActive Player 2.1 and play a test video. First, you will see a security certificate (unless you have disabled certificates). Click "Yes" to accept the certificate and the download will begin. The lower left corner of your browser will say "Installing Components".

Please be aware of the following problems that you may encounter:

The following security errors are the result of a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can download a Microsoft patch for Internet Explorer from (patch will automatically install, if needed, when you visit this link)

"This page contains active content that is not verifiably safe to display. To Protect your computer, this content will not be displayed"


"A windows application is attempting to open or install the following software component:
The component has been digitally 'signed' by its publisher, but the signature is outdated. Do you wish to continue?"

This is the latest version of the VivoActive Player. However, due to a problem in Internet Explorer, the Player is not updated correctly in some cases, resulting in the following error message:

"The VIV file you are attempting to play was created by a newer version of the VivoActive Producer: you should download the latest version of the VivoActive Player from"

In this case, you must exit Internet Explorer, restart Internet Explorer, then return to this download page and install again.